Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Both of my computers are down so I haven't had the chance to apologize for the whining last post. My mom is doing perfectly--going back to work tonight. I have one more test and one more clinical (tonight) before the end of the term and the kids go back to school August 17th so things are looking up :) We also have our Special K for a couple of weeks so maybe we can actually have some sort of summer vacation.
My posts and responses may be sporadic for a while until my IT guy (Capn) gets things figured out. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm off to the dentist! Joshers and Ky both have 2 cavities but it could be worse (my appt is tomorrow).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogspot, take me away!

Okay I have been way busy but since nobody elses' blogs seem to have new posts I'll have to update mine :).
Where do I begin? I had the clinical rotation from heck last Saturday. Capn covered someones shift before I even got home Sat and most of Sunday. Monday...seems so long ago, oh yeah, Capn was on shift, we walked over to the park by the station my mom went to Er throwing up blood.
Tuesday I had school, Corey was able to watch the kids took mom to endoscopy on my lunch break. Raced through a test because they wanted to do a flouroscopy on mom--way cool to watch. Took mom home and rushed home so the Capn could get to the station.
Wednesday, talked to mom in the morning and said I was planning on mowing her lawn. After lunch I went over to mom's but she wasn't there and wasn't answering the cell. I thought "she better not have driven herself to the ER!", she wouldn't be that silly right? I was inside moms trying to figure out how we were going to fix the borrowed lawnmower (capn' ran over the pull string) when moms phone rang, it was mom calling from the ER! Ran home to grab my scrubs, picked up the special K (Keyan) and got to the ER about 1/2 hr before my clinical. I saw mom who seemed to be doing fine, other than being anxious and annoyed after sitting in ER all day not knowing what the Dr was planning on! Luckily the gal I worked with was awesome so when they finally admitted mom I went up to be with her.
Needless to say they FINALLY performed surgery this afternoon and hopefully the problem is solved (removed the slipped lap-band). Can I take a breath now? After making sure mom was properly cared for (i.e. threatening the RN to keep an eye on her or I would hunt him down) I finally ended up at the neighborhood "Culdesac-of-Fire!" Thankfully it was about 10pm when the J's broke the rules (I am the safety-queen) and we went home.
Since I have absolutely nothing else to be responsible for I am the one who told the instructer at school I would bring a laptop on days our classes have to be given online (i.e. tomorrow). No sooner had I forwarded the link to tomorrows lecture than I heard a pop from the back of the laptop and it went black. Of course it's 11pm and too late to call so I sent out an SOS to anyone else willing to bring theirs.
The Diet Coke is wearing off now and so my bionoics are failing. I just wish I could look forward to a nice, relaxing weekend--school all day tomorrow, 12hr shift Saturday, Capn working Sun/Mon, oh yeah and I've got to take care of my mom, laundry, dishes, groceries and those little punks somewhere in there too. Sometimes it sucks being the responsible one. I'd rather do it than leave it undone so I guess I can't complain:)

Friday, July 18, 2008


How funny this movie truly was!! Some of the girls and I saw this together tonight and laughed our tails off. Of course tonight I will be dreaming of a chateau on a greek island with ABBA in the background. It was nice to unwind after a hectic week and with a hectic weekend in front of me.
No sooner have we finished baseball (not technically cuz Josh has the field of dreams Aug 2nd where he gets to stand with the pros during the national anthem). But anyway, soccer practice started today. Atleast J&J will be on the same team so I only have to worry about being 2 places at once--until Keyan's season start.
School is going well and I'm kind of getting into a rhythym juggling clinicals and class. I have been in sort of a funk lately. I think it's because my routine is off. I haven't been able to run regularly and that just throws me. I tried to run yesturday afternoon (yeah, 3pm=95') stupid I know but I thought I could. I ended up walking quite a bit because I couldn't get my heart rate down. Funny cause I ran today and it was well below what it was yesterday walking. I'm not sure if anyone understood that--now maybe I'm just spewing. Regardless, I am a planner-I must plan. I need to have a plan for when the Capn' is on shift so I don't get caught up in the "I can't get up and run so I don't feel like getting up at all" cycle, which just makes me feel like crap so then I eat like crap, drink too much diet coke (if there is such a thing, sorry if I offended anyone:) and end up wwilfing (what was I looking for?) on the computer and going to bed way too late. Which, now that I mention it, I do have to be @ the hospital @6am so I'm signing off!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer fun

The Grotto-Payson Canyon with the inlaws
Colbs, Keyan, Kyler and Skiley
Colby-no fear
Keyan and Kyler
OOps! Jacobs bday cake, don't know how to delete :)

We have been so busy! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to. Notice the pigeon. Yeah, the Cap'n brought this home from his run Friday night. He said it followed him--that still did not explain why it was in my kitchen. Of course the children had to name it-I preferred Joshua's name for it (feathers) to Jacob's name (pecker). I didn't really want to explain to Ja why I flinched when he called it but neverless the pigeon has (hopefully) flown the coop by now. If it doesn't go soon I fear that my cat may have a tasty feast. The older boys just finished swim lessons for the summer and baseball is over so hopefully we can relax and enjoy some more downtime, that is what summer's all about isn't it?
School and work (clinicals, I don't actually get paid) have kept me busy and the heat has kept me from running my scheduled runs. I have a 20mi run scheduled for this week, hopefully that will happen but I'm not sure what else I can sqeeze in. We met some friends at the park this afternoon and now it is (dreaded) xbox time. Legos have been big again at my house, they go rom being ignored to being fought over. Last week the boys and I went up to cascade springs, it was beautiful and actually a nice time. Any ideas for other fun (by fun I mean cheap) things to take the fam to this summer? The Bean museum and earth science museum as well as the botanical gardens at BYU are fun (free) local things, any other ideas?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

57:12, my official chip time for the Provo freedom run 10K. Not too bad, not exactly a winning time but everybody gets a medal so we're all winners right? Keyan ran the 5k and did awesome, like 34th overall. That's how our independence day got started.
In the afternoon we went up Payson canyon to 'the grotto'. It was pretty cool, baby C loved hiking, that boy didn't slow down and certainly didn't need me holding his hand (even crossing the log bridges). I took some great picts but the laptop is pschizo and the 'home' computer is a pain to load stuff on so I'll do it later. I'll also post some shots of the boys on the slipnslide at the inlaws. We laid down some heavy plastic on the hillside next to their house and put the hose on-they had a great time then we set up the big blow up slide above it so they would slide down the blowup and plop out onto the plastic and down the hill.
I was too pooped for fireworks (I had to be @the hosp@ 6am). Keyan walked the boys over though and the cap'n gave them a ride home on the engine. It was a long full day and the kids were sure wound up, speaking 'whinese' all day long! The two littles fell asleep so that was my excuse for staying home. Anyway, sorry this is kind of a random rambling post but that's how my life goes!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another fun game from Kris

My friend Kris issued this challenge on her blog. BTW I hope to pimp my blog soon !!

this is how you play...
1. comment on my blog including one memory that you and i had together. it doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot
2. next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. it's actually pretty funny to see the responses. if you leave a memory about me, i'll assume you're playing the game and dance down memory lane with you in your comments on your blog. if you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, i'll leave my memory of you in my comments.
3. Everyone can play-but let's play nice. I would love to hear crazy stories from a remember when scenario.... I've done some things I have repressed... come on, now, let's make me relive 'em! See? Easy Peasy.
here's an example for those visually impaired~I don't know you personally, but I remember the time when you had a wasp land on your nose and the only thing that saved you was your NINJA-LIKE reflexes

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy (Fiscal) New Year!!

Last night the city held a 'new years' celebration at the park. We had a BBQ then everyone was invited over to the theatre for a movie. I was so stinkin' tired that I had the Capn' take his oldest boy so I could go to bed. Of course, what's New Years without fireworks at midnight? I think I vaguely remember some popping sounds after dark.
One reason I was so exhausted was that I did my long run yesterday morning. I'm not feeling 100% and I didn't really want to (or is it really didn't want to?) but the rest of the week just gets busier. I was supposed to run 18 but ended up with 17.5, that rounds up to 18 right?
I rode the bus to school again today. I think I may do it more often since they stopped providing the shuttle from our designated parking lot (Egypt). The bus takes about the same amount of time and drops me off at the door! That's just funny that I'll voluntarily run a stupid amount of miles each week but I'll take the bus to avoid walking that extra 1/2mile!! I guess if you've seen the insane amount (and size) of books that I have to shlepp you'd understand. After school we had a Tball game then Josh's game and now it's veg-time so I'd better get busy!! Oh, and Happy New Year!!