Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay I'm a bleh-blogger!

Sorry folks, fell of the blogging planet for awhile and my return is not guaranteed (no internet @work:). Though I haven't been blogging there's not much else I HAVEN'T been doing. Probl'y the biggest is our move. After almost 13 years we've bought a new home! Yeah! Many things to do with a brand new one ( A/C, blinds, fence, yard, window well covers, sprinklers, fence and of course--big screen tv). There's the decorating and all those boxes!
      I'm working and going to school and the boys are finishing the school year at the old school-except Ky of course who was kicked out of preschool-a posting in itself-that's okay, I don't think the teacher really liked him so why should I send him if it will just be negative? Any way, we're hanging in there-straight A's again last semester and if I survive the summer I'll be golden. 
     Capn has joined the SWAT team and has survived their 'hell week' (sigh). SWAT is not my fave, as a matter of fact there is not an activity I could detest more (except maybe NRA president, he's already a member--okay and maybe GOP leader-and that's fairly unlikely). At any rate the boys keep growing (and fighting). Our Special K will be 18 in Sept and I can hardly believe it-cuz I was JUST 18 (I swear) and he is so not ready for the adult world-I mean he's never even had a job. I'm sure he'll be great but he still has a senior year! I will post more (including pictures) later! (If anyone even checks this anymore...)