Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is not my favorite 'holiday'.These days when I hear 'holiday' it just translates into work and extra responsibilities. Sounds selfish and cynical I know. At any rate it is done. Although the tummy aches were present there has been no vomiting as of yet (knock on wood). I am tempted to go confiscate or um just thin out the trick or treat bags to avoid high fructose overdose tomorrow. The punks have succumbed to the sugar comas.
Mr. Manning (Peyton) was the only one able to go door to door. The littles refused their costumes and I won't let them just ask for candy without being dressed up. Mr. Potter was being punished for forcing our sweet, kind ,great (and by great I mean cheap) piano teacher into retirement. Not kidding. I have learned that no matter how coordinated you are and how many bungee cords and duct tape that you cannot force an 8yr old to play the piano. He will just repeat the same few bars for 8 1/2 minutes without regard to your mental state. Capn's crew did give him a special treat of choco donuts. He was picked up by the crew a few weeks ago and when they got back in the truck they found part of a package. The boy had been sneaking to the gas station to feed his donut problem. I thought it was very funny-Mr. Potter was just glad for the donuts!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat

My cute boys and patient husband carved pumpkins tonight. Not my favorite thing-the smell alone is bad enough (then there's boys with knives and markers). In years past I have sorted washed and roasted the seeds. Not this year. There was a bit of whining about that but it was pack meeting so they were distracted. I wish I had picts from that, they did this Goldilocks story that was so fun!
Our house is now officially for sale, sign and all. The right thing will come along right? The nice thing is that we don't really HAVE to sell so if we can't get what we want out of it we can just stay. If we do get what we want out of it just about anything bigger is a step up. I have enjoyed our little old house but it's little and it's old....
School is going well and all my clinicals for a while are in critical care, which I enjoy. For the record though-if for some reason I was hospitalized I would not want extreme measures to be taken-no vents-no feeding tubes etc. Now that we've got that out of the way, I would want drugs-lots of never remember a thing drugs. Just in case.
I started back running this morning-it's been a few weeks and even then it was 1/2 hearted. I am planning on the Painters 1/2 in January in St George though so I hope that motivates me (anything for sunshine in Jan). Not a whole lot of other stuff going on-Capn still loves his job and his job still seems to love him so that's a good combo. Our Primary sacrament meeting was Sunday and the boys did such a cute job and next year little C will be in too and I'll be sitting ALONE!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bleeech! Micheale and the terrible, horrible no good very bad day!

I haven't updated in a while because I've been feeling yucky. I'm finally feeling better but had about a week of yucky. Last Tuesday we all stayed home from school and cleaned up puke. Of course after we took baths and I started puke laundry the water got backed up. I felt so crappy and the Capn was on duty but I called and he came to rescue me.Yeah!
I've been trying to catch up with school ever since. Oh yeah and painting my bedroom and building IKEA closets and...and...
One of the J's is having a '5 finger discount' problem, if anyone has suggestions I've tried grounding, locking things up, guilt-and more guilt, contracts and my bag o tricks is just about empty so suggestions would be welcome. Other than that Ky had a birthday-5yrs old, how did that happen?
Nigh, night!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Phrases I never thought would come out of my mouth

     Occasionally I say things to my children and when I listen to what I've said I am truly surprised. Some examples from today--"Don't lick my pillow", "Don't wipe your nose on the rug" and a classic from the past-"Don't put any part of that cat in your mouth".  These are things that you think intuitively they should know or would at least think twice before doing. I guess I could say the same thing about swallowing cinnamon though. My voice has returned and I haven't seen the crew from the station since--although Capn assured me they watched it over and over. 
     I do love conference weekend though. The 'together time' with the family is a little grating on the nerves at times, we were all within arms reach of each other which was way too tempting. Nit picking and annoying-ness ensued. We usually take a walk in between sessions and have a picnic to get the wiggles out but with the rain we couldn't. Now that the sun is out though we are watching "The Princess Bride". I've seen it a million times but it is still delightful--a classic. I must go fetch that pitchah!  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am a dork! (I know-newsflash:)

Okay so after my shift in the PFT (pulmonary function test) lab I took the kids by the fire station to visit the Capn'. Well since the station is forever the junior high locker room they offered up a challenge: "The Cinnamon Challenge". Sounded simple enough, the rules simply are taking a full Tablespoon of cinnamon in your mouth and swallowing it-no time limit. I thought, why not!!
I should've known better, especially when they all pulled out their cameras. I dumped it in my mouth and was fine for a minute, my mouth immediately dried up so when I went to swallow it sucked down my throat and started to BURN! Of course the chorttling around me didn't help. Needless to say I failed. It was all caught on film--lucky for me because some were claiming they saw cinnamon coming out of my nose. The film proved otherwise but nonetheless my failure was humiliating. Capn' has a new phone with video if I ever feel like sharing. The worst part is that the burning continues and now I sound like I have laryngitis. I have only myself to blame.
That was the second test I failed today. After redoing several tests and taking a bronchodilator my breathing tests still showed me as obstructed. I hate failure, okay, if you know me I hate a B (or A-).
I'd better go pay attention to the VP debate but if Sarah Pahlin calls Mccain "Maverick"one more time I think I'll gag up more cinnamon!!