Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

This is the first time I've been tagged so I hope I don't screw it up too bad!

What I was doing 20 years ago (wow, I'm old) 1988:
1."Ratting" my bangs
2.Harassing the vice principle with the Elvis hair @jr high (Brother, oh, I mean Mr, Jacklyn)
3. Sneaking into stake dances

What I was doing 10 years ago 1998:
1. Was sealed in the temple (March 28th)
2. Working at Morgan Jewelers
3. Custody battle with Keyan's mom (drama)

What I was doing 5 years ago 2003:
1. Baking in the hottest summer ever big huge prego with Ky
2. Taking Jacob to the ER for stitches on the 24th of July (see #1)
3. Enjoying not owning a television (mother in law fixed that at Christmas-she thought it was neglegent I think:)

What I was doing one year ago 2007:
1. Taking online prereq classes
2. buying a road bike
3. having my appendix removed (you all know that story)

What I've been doing so far this year:
1. Ran 2 half marathons
2. Started school full time (and more!)
3. Enjoyed the greatest friendships!!

What I was doing yesterday
1. Doing my visiting teaching @JCW's
2. Having a shake with Kell @JCW's
3. Working a clinical rotation til 2am

What I was doing today (June 26th):
1. Boys to swim lessons
2. Summer get together @Ang's (thanks)
3. Planning on a run with Ang (after 2 ball games)

What I'm doing tomorrow:
1. Taking my guys to 'Saint Kelly's' and heading to class
2. Taking a test on EKG's and CPR
3. Hopefully playing a bit before the kids go to grandmas for a sleepover

Next year 2009:
1. Pass the CRT boards and getting a respiratory care license
2. Run the Wasatch back (and like it)
3.visit my sister in Texas (since she won't come see me!)

Okay so now I don't know who to tag-Ang and I have the same friends so I'll tag my sister Steph and my sister in law, Angie! You're it! Thanks!

Fun in the Sun!!

Since my sister isn't coming out to visit this summer I have been having guilt about what to do with my kids this summer so my kids feel like they've had a vacation. Thankfully I have been getting together with some friends and their kids at the park on occasion and today we went to my friend Ang's house and played in her fabulous back yard! The kids had a great time and I got to just sit and relax with 'the moms'! This probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most of you but it was just what I needed! You see, oftentimes, fun for the kiddos equals work for mom so it was great to see them having so much fun and being able to relax and enjoy myself for a few hours (plus I got to pretend there wasn't laundry waiting for me at home). Now the little guy is asleep and the others are vegging in front of the tube. I should really go study EKG's for my test tomorrow, I know, I could overwhelm myself with the good times but I guess it's a risk I have to take.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Goodbye forever math!!!

I just got an email from my Math Prof. and ended up with an A-! Yeah,no more math (I'm doing 'the dance').
While trying to find a missing shoe for church yesturday I made the mistake of looking under the couches. I interrupted the breeding dustbunnies and am now going to make the transformation from the sweet person you all know into-'psycho cleaning girl', my alter ego that shows up a certain time each month (or when I can't stand the dust on the ceiling fan). Of course the Cap'n is in bed so he will only witness the aftermath. This will all have to wait until after swim lessons though-and after I pick up a diet coke (yup I fell off the wagon-or more appropriately jumped). I am not in the mood for today to be one of those teaching moments where I have the kids do their jobs and I don't criticize, I just want them out of my way so I can get it done. Since I know the second won't happen I'll try to assign them to things starting in their room so I can get started with fewer interruptions. I do need to get organized and have a job chart-one of the excuses I make for not having the kids assigned jobs. I'd better stop before I overwhelm myself with reasons to feel guilty!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is my time of year, low 90's and sunshine! Too bad so much of it is spent indoors. I haven't even been to the pool yet. I started clinicals this week and discovered a new tired. I ran 15 miles on Thursday and was wiped out but not nearly as drained as I was after a 12hr shift on Saturday. Maybe it's just stress from realizing how much of 'an art' medicine actually is!
I took my Math final on Wednesday and had been expecting to get an A (I'm weird like that). After the final though I'm just hoping for a C so that I never have to take math again! I haven't heard how it ended up I just hope the Prof is generous in his grading! I wish I could post more but I'm off to the in-laws (worth the drive so I don't have to cook).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Another crazy week has come and gone!! Jacob had his 9th birthday on Wednesay so I no longer have 2 8yr olds. These guys just keep growing. We had baseball all week too which was exhausting--Why do I sign them up when I find my self praying for the games to be cancelled? Probably 'mothers' guilt, you know that feeling of neglect if you don't let them do everything they show a passing interest in. I have to keep reminding them that they once BEGGED for piano lessons!
We had Keyan for the day today so that was great-such a great boy!! The Cap'n had to work but came home for much of the day-we watched 'The greatest game ever played'. I cooked a lame dinner (was actually thinking we'd be @the inlaws and I wouldn't have to cook). Now the kids are all in bed, the dishwasher has been run and the washer is empty. THREE MORE DAYS OF MATH!! Can you tell I'm ready to be done?
I actually rode the bus to school (the hospital) on Friday. A bit nerve-wracking but successful nonetheless. The only real problem was the lady that got on at DI and sat next to me that had absolutely no concept of personal space. I am not a touchy-feely person as it is so this was hard for me. i am now officially eco-friendly, right?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fallen out of the blogosphere!!

It has been a jampacked couple of weeks!! Joshua had a birthday and got baptized, the kids got out of school for summer, they tried out for swim team (ended up signing up for swim lessons), school for me gets crazier every day and frankly you're glad i didn't have time to blog about Josh's baseball (rec baseball) coach. After his 2 page manifesto on his coaching philosophy, objectives for the season and expectations of parents I was ready to shove it down his throat.
I showed good sportsmanship and a lot of restraint and Josh is still on his team (I believe he is well-intended). Josh, Jacob and Kyler are all on different teams this year which means we are pretty much doing baseball 4-7 mon-thurs. Kyler is such a hoot to watch though!! He always wants to bat-no matter what part of the inning or how many times he hits if no one is watching he finds a helmet (learned from the safety-queen!) and sticks a ball on the T and starts swingin! It's fun watching the coaches get exasperated with him!!(did I say that out loud). If you have ever been around Kyler much you know that half the fun is watching how people respond to 'his ways'.
I would love to write more but I have cub scout daycamp at 7am tomorrow and I finished a big final for my RT class so my brain is empty.