Thursday, August 28, 2008

In need of inspiration?

If you are ever feeling sorry for yourself or in need of an attitude adjustment follow this link:

This man has handled the hardships of life with such courage and HUMOR, he is an inspiration!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another one bites the dustah!

My Ky started school on Monday. No hesitation, no fear, no nervousness-just excitement! I ignored the stares of the other (sobbing) parents as I skipped out of the parking lot with my single stroller! When he got home I asked what his favorite part of school was, I was expecting the J&J answers, lunch or recess, but he thought for a minute and answered: 'all of it!' Yeah! He's still excited and asked if he gets to go for a long day tomorrow (wait a minute, what does that say about me?). Such a spunky kid is sure to add excitement to any preschool so I hope this teacher is ready for some serious ' 4yr old, doesn't realize he's not a 17yr old' attitude!

I started back to school today. I realized that I thrive with enough chaos that I HAVE to have a plan, otherwise it is just random chaos. Mechanical ventilation-this should keep me in chaos for the next month. Here is another funny picture, I was supposed to have a picture for the preschool but Colby doesn't understand the 'just your brother' bit yet!


We had the raingutter regatta for cub scouts tonight and J&J took the gold and the silver! The two littles accompanied me to the scout office yesterday to pick up awards. Other than being down a few cookies on the gingerbread houses that were on display they fared pretty well. I guess if I'm on the 'puter I should really be entering scout info since its' NEVER been done and this is now my responsibility. So maybe I'll just shut down and go heat (10 sec) the raspberry filled powdered donught and pour some milk! Night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School!!

This is our 'walking carpool' on the first day of school, they were so excited (as were we:). Ky is bugging me everyday-"is this a school day for me?", "Tomorrow? The Tomorrow after that?" On Monday he will be starting preschool-everyday!! Okay, weekdays, when school is in session. Exciting anyway.
I ran with my friend Ang on Monday and she introduced me to a new strange form of torture. We were doing 16 mi and she told me about how she was planning on an ice bath. I know, a WHAT? I've heard about elite runners soaking their legs in ice water after races but never considered this as something normal people would willingly do. Ang said to run it on cold and soak for atleast 15 minutes then soak in hot and I wouldn't be sore the next day.
I ran the bath and psyched myself up for the entry, which was painful. I brought my watch to make sure. I sat very still, Ang said the more you move the colder you feel. When I looked at my watch, sure my time must be up I found it had only been 5 minutes! My toes were FREEZING! That was probably the worst part, I kept thinking, I'd rather be running, I'd rather go 5 more miles than subject my body to that shock. When all was said and done though I must admit I felt great, no stiffness and barely sore the next day. I'm not sure if I can make myself do it again though, eventhough it may be good for me the thought makes me shiver!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting Better all the time

Things are certainly looking up, for starters, Capn and I survived speaking in church today, shoosh! It was so tempting to sneak out the back door or come up with some debilitating disease or move. Secondly, J&J go back to school tomorrow!!! Ky starts next Monday, and I go back next Tuesday. I like structure. Maybe that's why I've been in a funk lately.
Speaking of funk there is suddenly a funky smell coming from our swamp cooler. I know, disgusting, I can smell it all the time. I hope the Capn can get up there tomorrow and figure it out. Or maybe we should just move. Do you sense a common theme? I'm getting the bug, looking at classifieds and pulling flyers from homes out of my range.
I would write more but I need to go feed my caffeine headache (ice cream). Go USA!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here I am wwilfing (what was I looking for?) on the computer when I really need to be working on my talk for tomorrow. Our topic is home storage and self reliance. Our congregation really doesn't want to listen to me complain about all the people I know/see that are mooching and how completely wrong it is, they don't want to hear me preach about food storage--again. I'm just not sure what direction to go because I'm in a kind of negative place right now and everything positive has been reiterated a million times. But really, I did find a blog about food storage, it was pretty cool--that's how I'd rather learn about food storage and preparedness, a blog!
The darn Olympics has been keeping me up every night. On Thursday I SWORE I was not staying up--sleep is more important than who one what. Then it was Nastia and I got sucked in and had to watch. Unfortunately that shot down my NO DIET COKE goal for yesterday because I needed that little pick-me-up. Which reminds me, has anyone seen that mcdonalds commercial they keep showing with all of these athletes holding their new sandwhich?? Yeah right, none of those guys would be caught dead eating at mickey d's.
I am feeling like the white trash queen. Yesterday a friend and I decided to trek it out to the county fair. It was free and our boys could earn a cub scout patch. So on our way we drove by this bank, I noticed that they were setting up for their customer appreciation day. So we went to the fair. Just a tip, DON'T WEAR FLIP FLOPS to the fair!!Open toes are not what you want chasing 4 boys through muck and mire! I succeessfully avoided the carnival section and picked up free balloons and water bottles. When the boys started complaining they were hungry I asked if hot dogs were okay-the boys said fine but were confused when we went back in to the car. We drove back to the bank and hijacked their customer appreciation day. I have a twinge of guilt-which I guess seperates me from true white trash but I do have a debit card from this bank (though I'm just on the account). Once the kids were full of nitrates and high fructose corn syrup we went back to the car without even going in the bank which they were probably grateful for since their fingers were covered in cheetoh orangeness.
I went to my moms so I could take her her laundry and mow her lawn. Because you know my able bodied brother who lives in her basement rent free and had the day off just couldn't (see first paragraph for source of sarcasm). The two littles fell asleep and it was cool enough that since I parked in the shade and opened both side doors they could stay asleep while I mowed. So they actually slept while I mowed right next to them, I was surprised. When they awoke and after I obliterated a sprinkler head Mr colbs emptied like a whole roll of TP in the toilet, which Ky of course peed on and flushed. So I spent like a 1/2 hr trying to unclog the nasty toilet (this is why I but cheap toilet paper).
The boys are sleeping at the inlaws tonight for the last hoorah of the summer (hoorah!!). So I guess that's when I'll write my talk☻

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back in service

My new shoes!

The desktop is up and running! Yeah! The laptop is still dead so I'll have to wrestle the punks for time on the desktop.

The countdown is on, school for J&J starts MONDAY!! THIS MONDAY! Unfortunately I have to speak in church on Sunday, crap. Too bad I have a conscience and can't say no.

I checked my grades for last semester-straight A's!! I can't believe it, 22 credit hrs. Shoosh. Now I need to meet with one of those academic advisors about degree paper work.

After my long run on Monday I realized the ugly blister on my foot (new shoes) was getting uglier so Tuesday I decided to do yoga. It felt great!! Problem was that afterwards I had to chase down Colby to change him. He squirmed the wrong way and I wrenched my back. Have I mentioned that I'm not a pleasant person when I'm in pain? My family can tell you. I bought some of those sticky heat pads-awesome! What I really need though is drugs. I don't keep a backstock of anything stronger than excedrin so I might have to make a trip to my source (mom).

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My computer issues are still unresolved but the pump for the cool looking fluid coolant for the new system should be delivered soon (long story that I shouldn't share publicly). Needless to say my IT guy (Capn) gives no thought to administrative cost in building his system.
I have been out of school for about a week, shoosh. The wife of one of the guys in my class passed away this week so I'll have a funeral to attend next week(my favorite--not).
Capn and I went running this morning. Millcreek to brighton and boy I felt like an old windbag huffin and puffin but I haven't really been sticking to my training so I shouldn't be surprised. It was beautiful and I feel great (now). These people we went with are simply crazy, they're running little peices of the 100 miler they're doing in a few weeks. The chick was like, yeah, it's great when you get to this point and you ONLY have 25 miles left, and this is where I got sick last year and remember that time when you got pulmonary edema hahaha.Cookcoo! But really it was great of them to drag me along because I needed that. We have had many adventures that I hope to share soon.
Yeah olympics! For the next two weeks whenever I turn on the tv (day or night) there will be something positive and inspiring on!! Go USA!