Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just keeps a-goin'!

I don't know that I have much to post but I feel like it's been so long that I could update SOMETHING! I am liking work, both in the pulmonary lab (with the Dr.'s=free lunch) and regular rounds in the hospital. It's hard to remember all the little details but I'm sure in time it will become second nature to chart on the computer, remember which buttons to push etc... School for me is going well, I'm doing neonatal and more mechanical ventilation this semester. Clinicals are about to get crazy for a while on top of work and school oh yeah, and the rest of my life! (kids, husband, scouts, friends...) Speaking of kids, they're all doing well, Special K is doing well in school, getting geared up for soccer and has a sweet girlfriend. My two older guys are reading their eyeballs out for the Jazz reading contest at school and just getting bigger all of the time. Ky and I read some this afternoon-he is catching on really well, especially since he knows he doesn't get XBOX until he reads some. Our little guy is getting SO big! He turned three a few weeks ago and went to the dentist for the first time today-he did so good! Wish I could say the same about his potty training, but he'll get there!
Capn went to Vegas to learn how to shoot (maybe I'll just call him 'quick-draw'). He's headed to Wisconsin in March to check out the Dept's new rig and then scuba diving in Catalina. Then he'll move on to SWAT training. Nonstop fun,eh?
My mom has applied for disability and I'm really worried about her. I wish I could be more help but I'm not exactly the ideal health advocate. My brother is still living in her basement and I know his drama is draining for her too. Our house still hasn't sold but I'm thinking we may have to find something that will accomodate her, although Capn (always the realist) reminds me it would have to be wheelchair accesible too. I guess I just don't want to see that. She is a prisoner in her own body-how overwhelmingly depressing!
That's about the extent of the adventures here, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!