Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay I'm a bleh-blogger!

Sorry folks, fell of the blogging planet for awhile and my return is not guaranteed (no internet @work:). Though I haven't been blogging there's not much else I HAVEN'T been doing. Probl'y the biggest is our move. After almost 13 years we've bought a new home! Yeah! Many things to do with a brand new one ( A/C, blinds, fence, yard, window well covers, sprinklers, fence and of course--big screen tv). There's the decorating and all those boxes!
      I'm working and going to school and the boys are finishing the school year at the old school-except Ky of course who was kicked out of preschool-a posting in itself-that's okay, I don't think the teacher really liked him so why should I send him if it will just be negative? Any way, we're hanging in there-straight A's again last semester and if I survive the summer I'll be golden. 
     Capn has joined the SWAT team and has survived their 'hell week' (sigh). SWAT is not my fave, as a matter of fact there is not an activity I could detest more (except maybe NRA president, he's already a member--okay and maybe GOP leader-and that's fairly unlikely). At any rate the boys keep growing (and fighting). Our Special K will be 18 in Sept and I can hardly believe it-cuz I was JUST 18 (I swear) and he is so not ready for the adult world-I mean he's never even had a job. I'm sure he'll be great but he still has a senior year! I will post more (including pictures) later! (If anyone even checks this anymore...)


Kelly said...

I still check back. Welcome back!

jenniec said...

May the force stay with you. Good to hear what you and yours are doing. Will stop by the next time we pass through. your crazy aunt j

Shauna said...

I check too...just later than kelly.