Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring break-gimme a break!

Sheesh what a crazy life! Quick update on what's happenin with us: Capn got back from accessorizing the new fire truck in Wisconsin in time for me to do laundry so he could turn around and go scuba diving in Catalina this week (it's all work-related ya see). In the meantime special K and his girlfriend are, well," friendly ". Which, once again was easier to deal with when she lived in North Carolina! He's starting soccer, so that should keep him busy-but he turns 18 in <6 short months! J&J are doing okay-fighting me on homework,whining about laundry, chores, wii etc. Ky is just funny and smarter than is good for a 5yr old in preschool. The little man has been doing soooo good with the potty training it's been a miracle! Of course that's not counting the incident in the sandbox yesterday (has he been watching a cat?) At any rate I am busy with work, clinincals, school, scouts and oh yeah-throw in showing the house regularly. We actually are waiting to hear back on an offer so who knows I could add finding a new place, packing and unpacking to my list. Be careful what you wish for....

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