Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

I can't believe I even remembered the password to sign on to this thing...and since I'm here I'm wondering if anyone will know it? At any rate it was fun to read what was going on 2+ years ago and thought I should at least update, if only for myself.
SOOO, we now live in American Fork, just north of the temple and LOVE IT!! I am still working at the hospital in Provo two nights (I know, nights suck) per week. I am in Young Women's and currently have 12 beehives. Capn' is not only still a Capn but also does SWAT and JCAT and is now a U.S. Marshall (with the little star deputy badge and everything!). Special K went on a mission to Milan, Italy...and then promptly came home. Still don't know the whole story there but we love him and are glad to have him back :). Big J is 12 and just started 7th grade. My guys are at a charter school so thankfully we're doing junior high on a smaller scale. Little J is defiant and bitter but intelligent and creative so I'm keepin my fingers crossed ;). Ky just started 2nd grade and his teacher taught kindergarten last year so I'm sure he'll give her some education! Our little man will start kindergarten on Monday-I can't believe it. He's a smarty pants AND eager to please, the perfect combo!
My sister in law is getting married tomorrow. She's lived with the guy for 5 years and they bought a house together about 3yrs ago. I thought I was cool with it until I looked and thought about gifts for them...hey, eh, I want new stuff! I decided Corey and I should renew our vows...anyone want to volunteer to throw me a shower? I'll let ya'll know where we're registered :)
Been a long summer of funerals for me. First, Don Trendler, father to my BFF growing up. Then Diane Francom, mentor and inspiration from my old ward, then Monica Trendler-sister in law to BFF above and wife of my ex (Wayne). Crazy! and since I spent my vacation at girls camp with the YW and this weekend is father's and son's outing I'm running away! SHHHH! Don't tell anyone but I'll be at a nice quiet hotel in Park City doing whatever the H I feel like :)
Maybe I'll even further update my blog...


Angi said...

I know. Glad to see you one here!

Angi said...

On here too.