Thursday, August 25, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

I can't believe I even remembered the password to sign on to this thing...and since I'm here I'm wondering if anyone will know it? At any rate it was fun to read what was going on 2+ years ago and thought I should at least update, if only for myself.
SOOO, we now live in American Fork, just north of the temple and LOVE IT!! I am still working at the hospital in Provo two nights (I know, nights suck) per week. I am in Young Women's and currently have 12 beehives. Capn' is not only still a Capn but also does SWAT and JCAT and is now a U.S. Marshall (with the little star deputy badge and everything!). Special K went on a mission to Milan, Italy...and then promptly came home. Still don't know the whole story there but we love him and are glad to have him back :). Big J is 12 and just started 7th grade. My guys are at a charter school so thankfully we're doing junior high on a smaller scale. Little J is defiant and bitter but intelligent and creative so I'm keepin my fingers crossed ;). Ky just started 2nd grade and his teacher taught kindergarten last year so I'm sure he'll give her some education! Our little man will start kindergarten on Monday-I can't believe it. He's a smarty pants AND eager to please, the perfect combo!
My sister in law is getting married tomorrow. She's lived with the guy for 5 years and they bought a house together about 3yrs ago. I thought I was cool with it until I looked and thought about gifts for them...hey, eh, I want new stuff! I decided Corey and I should renew our vows...anyone want to volunteer to throw me a shower? I'll let ya'll know where we're registered :)
Been a long summer of funerals for me. First, Don Trendler, father to my BFF growing up. Then Diane Francom, mentor and inspiration from my old ward, then Monica Trendler-sister in law to BFF above and wife of my ex (Wayne). Crazy! and since I spent my vacation at girls camp with the YW and this weekend is father's and son's outing I'm running away! SHHHH! Don't tell anyone but I'll be at a nice quiet hotel in Park City doing whatever the H I feel like :)
Maybe I'll even further update my blog...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay I'm a bleh-blogger!

Sorry folks, fell of the blogging planet for awhile and my return is not guaranteed (no internet @work:). Though I haven't been blogging there's not much else I HAVEN'T been doing. Probl'y the biggest is our move. After almost 13 years we've bought a new home! Yeah! Many things to do with a brand new one ( A/C, blinds, fence, yard, window well covers, sprinklers, fence and of course--big screen tv). There's the decorating and all those boxes!
      I'm working and going to school and the boys are finishing the school year at the old school-except Ky of course who was kicked out of preschool-a posting in itself-that's okay, I don't think the teacher really liked him so why should I send him if it will just be negative? Any way, we're hanging in there-straight A's again last semester and if I survive the summer I'll be golden. 
     Capn has joined the SWAT team and has survived their 'hell week' (sigh). SWAT is not my fave, as a matter of fact there is not an activity I could detest more (except maybe NRA president, he's already a member--okay and maybe GOP leader-and that's fairly unlikely). At any rate the boys keep growing (and fighting). Our Special K will be 18 in Sept and I can hardly believe it-cuz I was JUST 18 (I swear) and he is so not ready for the adult world-I mean he's never even had a job. I'm sure he'll be great but he still has a senior year! I will post more (including pictures) later! (If anyone even checks this anymore...)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring break-gimme a break!

Sheesh what a crazy life! Quick update on what's happenin with us: Capn got back from accessorizing the new fire truck in Wisconsin in time for me to do laundry so he could turn around and go scuba diving in Catalina this week (it's all work-related ya see). In the meantime special K and his girlfriend are, well," friendly ". Which, once again was easier to deal with when she lived in North Carolina! He's starting soccer, so that should keep him busy-but he turns 18 in <6 short months! J&J are doing okay-fighting me on homework,whining about laundry, chores, wii etc. Ky is just funny and smarter than is good for a 5yr old in preschool. The little man has been doing soooo good with the potty training it's been a miracle! Of course that's not counting the incident in the sandbox yesterday (has he been watching a cat?) At any rate I am busy with work, clinincals, school, scouts and oh yeah-throw in showing the house regularly. We actually are waiting to hear back on an offer so who knows I could add finding a new place, packing and unpacking to my list. Be careful what you wish for....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just keeps a-goin'!

I don't know that I have much to post but I feel like it's been so long that I could update SOMETHING! I am liking work, both in the pulmonary lab (with the Dr.'s=free lunch) and regular rounds in the hospital. It's hard to remember all the little details but I'm sure in time it will become second nature to chart on the computer, remember which buttons to push etc... School for me is going well, I'm doing neonatal and more mechanical ventilation this semester. Clinicals are about to get crazy for a while on top of work and school oh yeah, and the rest of my life! (kids, husband, scouts, friends...) Speaking of kids, they're all doing well, Special K is doing well in school, getting geared up for soccer and has a sweet girlfriend. My two older guys are reading their eyeballs out for the Jazz reading contest at school and just getting bigger all of the time. Ky and I read some this afternoon-he is catching on really well, especially since he knows he doesn't get XBOX until he reads some. Our little guy is getting SO big! He turned three a few weeks ago and went to the dentist for the first time today-he did so good! Wish I could say the same about his potty training, but he'll get there!
Capn went to Vegas to learn how to shoot (maybe I'll just call him 'quick-draw'). He's headed to Wisconsin in March to check out the Dept's new rig and then scuba diving in Catalina. Then he'll move on to SWAT training. Nonstop fun,eh?
My mom has applied for disability and I'm really worried about her. I wish I could be more help but I'm not exactly the ideal health advocate. My brother is still living in her basement and I know his drama is draining for her too. Our house still hasn't sold but I'm thinking we may have to find something that will accomodate her, although Capn (always the realist) reminds me it would have to be wheelchair accesible too. I guess I just don't want to see that. She is a prisoner in her own body-how overwhelmingly depressing!
That's about the extent of the adventures here, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting crazier all the time!

Hey! For those who don't know, I got a job! I'm working one day a week in the pulmonary clinic at UVRMC and probably 2 days in the house (hospital). Oh and 20 hrs of clinicals a week and school still. I know, what was I thinking? Capn was complaining at the beginning of the month that I didn't have a job-now I think he didn't realize how busy that now makes him (he took the boys to their dentist appts this week etc.)!
Our baby turned three yesterday and it's like someone flipped a switch! He is a little jabbermouth now-talking about how grown up he is and chatting on his cell phone and otherwise acting like a big person (except the potty-training). J&J both got awards at scouts last night (Wolf & Bear) and are doing so well. They have been reading their eyeballs out for the Jazz reading contest at school-they really want to meet a Jazz player!
As for our special-K he has a girlfriend. She's a cute girl but you know I worry about being exclusive when there is no point (other than drama and trouble:). As I type this the Capn is interviewing for the SWAT team. Ugh. Wonder when he's gonna do that since he will probably be watching the kids for the next 6 months! Love you all and will update when I can!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Girls 2nd annual St George Human Rights weekend!

So we're back! This has become an annual event for us! Such a good time and a great excuse to get out of the dreary cold and pollution. Gives me a little boost so I can make it through the rest of the winter. We missed Ang this year but I hope she'll join us next year. Perfect-relaxing, great company, great weather, great food, quiet, low-key fantastic weekend! We stayed with my favorite Aunt and Uncle-who I lived with in college and I realized how much I missed them! They were so much fun! My Aunt's adventurous spirit is contagious!

My awesome Aunt hiking in her beloved Snow Canyon.
The beautiful redrocks-and look--blue sky! No brown haze! Did I mention 60 degrees? Perfect!

My authentic Italian uncle made us authentic Italian pizzas! It was so fun just to watch him cook-truly an experience in itself. Then we watched boxing. I remember in college he and my Aunt would argue over wether I wanted to watch boxing or the history of the pyramids. "Barbaric!" my Aunt would say, "Boring!" my Uncle would counter. The truth is it didn't matter what we were watching it was just nice to be with them-then and now. I realized how I want my kids to have the chance to know and love these amazing people (and they will)!

The best part of the race (did I mention the 1/2 marathon is our excuse for going down?)-getting a massage and stretch at the end ahhh...

Before the start-all smiles but I came up with my new mantra around mile 11-'it's okay to cry-but it's not okay to quit!' Finished a few minutes faster than last year-but who's counting! This weekend was exactly what I needed. I thought on Saturday night that I couldn't remember when I felt that comfortable. I mean I was tired and full and felt safe and secure and really felt no pressing responsibilities-no 'better start the laundry' or 'should really be studying' it was so good to truly relax and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's about time!

Sweet friends and sweet treats are a great combination! This is one of the gingerbread houses we made with the Perry's at Christmas.

My littles looking 'sassy' in my new scarf (and not much else:)

It snowed...and snowed...and snowed! The boys made this hill to slide down-someone lost a boot!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated-I'm just bearly getting back to reality. We had a fun Christmas break and are all back in school now. I passed my board exam a few weeks ago and have applied for my license in Respiratory Care! Now to find a job....with the economy as it is it may not happen as quickly as I'd like (or Capn would like). School is mostly clinicals now, which is good-I'm working on senior projects so I can be done in August.
Our Special K has a girlfriend. We knew this day would come and I was totally okay with it 'cause she lived in North Carolina (safe distance) but now she is moving back to Utah and I just don't know. He's also serious about wanting to join the military (yikes) He may have to wait til he's 18 though because his mom is not hip on the idea.
J&J are doing well in scouts and school and their world revovles around when they have a turn at the XBOX or Wii. We did get a Wii for Christmas (thanks grandma)! They also got BB guns-courtesy of Daddy!
The littles are getting bigger, the baby will turn 3 this month (he'll ALWAYS be the baby:). The other one (oh, will he always be 'the other one'?) does well in preschool and has learned to appreciate the XBOX-Lego Star Wars in particular.
Capn is talking about SWAT (I told him we can just buy the hat online). So who knows what'll happen with that! For some reason the city needs a 'SWAT-medic'?
I am still running (though not far or long) and will be in St George for a 1/2 marathon this weekend (any excuse to find some sunshine in the middle of Jan.)!
Our house is still for sale-just lowered the price if anyone is lookin!
Hopefully I've redeemed myself going so long without a post-you all probably stopped reading! I'll try (no promises)!